Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Singapore Trip @ Sentosa Beach

30th June 2008

Today is the last day at Singapore ,so we went to Sentosa Island today ..
Took some picture there ^^
here is it:

@ Sentosa ISland ^^

WowowowowoOn the way to the southern point at Asia
See ^^
The Southern point ...
The small island ..

Is BB ^^
All is BB @ Sentosa island ^^

Secretly Captured by Kah Yong ...

Kids Zone ^^

After this ,we went back to malaysia ^^
hehehe..The On Board Meals ^^
The On board Lounge ^^


Kelly said...

God! Nose bleeding ,so sexy ya princess.

Barbie said...

Awww! My! My baby princess look damn cute in each and every shot!!! *muah muah*

I love you! I love you! I love you! and I will always do! *hug hug*

YinYin said...

Kelly : aiyo...where got la...hahahaha.....

Barbie : princess praise me..sweet sweet ar^^ hehehe...BB love u too^^Miss u a lot

Jonathan Nathan said...

Hey stop giving us poor guys such stimulations by taking shots of yourself in that swimsuit. Its not fair... :'(

Btw, the pics are good. Sentosa looks great!

YinYin said...

Jonathan nathan : hahahahaha.....ask ur gf wear bikini la...will be more sexy ..wowowo..HOt ya^^

Jonathan Nathan said...

Haha! No gf for now la, I'm a very very fussy person. I don't get into relationships very often. So, till then you can entertain me with your pics :P