Thursday, August 28, 2008


Have been busy for the tons of assignments for so long ....
But as soon as i finished them today, i get 2 new assignment again ! sweat ==' ..Lame..

Anyway ,just a quick update here ..
23th August 2008
DD and BB ,Before go out^^
I went to Pavilion with DD ,heheh...don't want to bother those assignment already ,so pressure ...
hahahah...Go shopping..Since i am Bankrupt-ing now so no more Gucci and LV la...
Only bought a Guess purse ,It is still very nice though .

Then we had our dinner at Ichiban Boshi again ^^ 1 of our favorite restaurant at PAvilion ..

And FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the Cute Wall -E 
Damn nice wei the movie......Always support Disney Collection!!!!
Awesome !!
The Wall-E is just so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the movie i felt like want to buy a Wall- E ..He is so loyal and cute...
And DD said it is very useful to me..because wall-E gonna clear up all my unused Bags ,clothes ,shoes....hahaha ...

25th August 2008
DD and I went to KPGCC for golfing today ......Nice^^
The Club House swimming pool ^^
26th August 2008

I Had an interesting computer class ...and i learnt something very useful from the class...
It is about Plagiarism(Something like copying ).....This is a very serious offense for the design industry !! a designer ,if you are involved in plagiarizing , u will be kicked out of the design industry !!! This is a very serious offense! That's why i hate copy cat the most!!!!!
Anyway...U can sue them if u feel that they are copying you or if u have the evidence to prove that they are involve in plagiarizing ...HAHAHA..Funny!
anyways,got some example for plagiarism at XIAXUE blog ^^ u can have a look!

27th August 2008 (aka today)

After finished my Class ,i had my dinner at Tony Roma's with Kah Yong ^^ Nice !

And after that ,Yum Cha with the crazy gang at Pyramid Steven'Tea Garden ...haha...Cute restaurant ...actually it is from a Mamak chain - Steven's Corner (i think most of the college student heard of Steven's corner mamak right) .....but now they turned it to a more classy style mamak..hehe^^

Hmm..thats all ....

p/s :Merdeka coming soon ...Do u have any plan for it... Kinda sad now..DD gonna leave me alone at home during Merdeka eve until 1th September .. He gonna join his Acca Camp...sweat ==' So the Crazy gang ..................Do something la! HAHAHA!


Barbie said...

As always, BB is cute in each and every shot! *muack* sweet and lovely! She's my dear princess BByin ^ ^

Next, Nice pools! Make me eager to jump in, and start swimming at once :P You went and played golf again BB dear? Cool, eh?

Yeah, Barbie know it since the start that you loathe copy cats to the max. No doubt :P I read everything on ur page heh heh...

Yin Yin dear? Merdeka is Malaysia Independent day or wat? Just guessing lol...I am supposed to google for it myself, rite? But Barbie is just lazy, so just ask my princess heh heh...

Leaving with lovessss!!! *hug*

Kelly said...

hei princessbb ,
Finally u have a new update ,
the swimming pool is nice !

Akira 思胜 said...

Waiting for your update for so long time d... hehe...

You and DD so match lar, hehe, pretty and handsome ler...

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow...Suddenly your life so happening! Went to so many places!

YinYin said...

Barbie : hey princess^^thx 4 the compliment again..ya..that pool is quite nice..i like it also..and the copy over ady.....but i still hate copy cat the most la ^^ hahaha..and oh ya..Merdeka is our independent day ^^ which is on 31th AUgust ^^ hehe..

Kelly : hey kelly ..How r u there..ya ,,the pool is nt bad..

akira : wah...really ^^ hehe...match meh?????just normal la..haha..

JeromeFo: where got so happening..busy like hell ar!!

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