Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Pink Golf Ball ^^

Today, I went to Pyramid with Kah Yong ...We were looking for golf equipment! Kah Yong started to Pick Up the game too...Hehe^^ couldn't wait to Golf with him!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

I bought a pair of gloves and equipment at Golf House ....I was looking for a Pink Golf set from Adams Golf but they didn't sell it ...sweat ==' ....I thought i had to buy it from Overseas ...=(
This is the Golf set that I wants !!! PINK PINK PINK!!! HAHAHA
AdamsGolf , Ladies Pink Golfset!!!! ^^ Sweet!!! I will get You 1day!!!!!

Then we went to MST Golf...Guess what??? I found a SUPER SWEET PINK Golf Ball!!!
AR!!! Couldn't wait to bring them home ...
It is from Wilson Golf...I thought only Precept Golf had Pink Golf Ball....
But Wilson has it too !! Nicer and sweeter !!!! CUTE !! LOve it!!!!!!!!!!
They have PINK Glove too! AR!!!! regret !!! I had bought a glove from Mizuno!!! Shit !
I wanna Buy again ...But Kah Yong didn't allow..he said i waste money again!!!The Golf Ball too..I Only can buy 1 set!! what the hell!!!!!!!
Kick that DD!!!!!!!
But sometimes ,he is right...i should save money........=(
What I bought today!
The Wilson Hope Pink and Purple Golf Ball ^^
My Pink Golf Ball ^^ I decorate this ..hehe..Lovely!!!!

OH My!!! Can't Imagine that ,if the whole golf game become PINK !!

Like a Pink Buggy :

Pink GolfCourse Like this :


And Introduce that PINK Lady Golfer to you !! the Paula Creamer, She is a PINK Lover too !!!!
Her Golf set is all in PINK!!!!!! AR!!! I want !! But very hard to find it in Malaysia !!


Akira 思胜 said...

Wah, u are playing golf now? Cool!!! How is the feeling? Mind to share with us?

Kelly said...

bb,I am here again ,
i like your golf ball ,
nice pink golf ball ,
it suit ya ,
can't wait to see your golf photo !

YinYin said...

akira : hello akira ^^,gald u see u here ..hehe...yaya..i play golf..but just a beginner ..not so pro yet..hahaha...
the feeling is good when u hit the golf ball and see them fly ...^^

Kelly : hello r u ^^ I love my pink ball too^^ hehehe......i will update my golf photo soon..just came back from driving range..^^ hehe

Barbie said...

Awww! Ur awesome decoration, my dear princess! ^ ^ Luv ur pinky golf ball too! but =( Barbie never play goft at all.

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Lolx! I want to learn also!
So nice you can learn how to play...Must take alot pics orrh! =)

YinYin said...

Barbie : hey baby princess.finally u are back..miss u so much ya^^ hehe..thx 4 ur compliment ^^ hahaha..i love that golf ball too^^
, some day,barbie also can learn golf , i am sure..but a lot of my friend not interested ..hahaha

JeromeFo : yoyo....go learn together ya^^

Wingz said...

i like yo blog too!!! so pink ... so pwetty!!

ZEONT said...

wa~ u can play golf ,i never see a sweet pretty girl play golf ~

YinYin said...

wingZ:; hey ,..thx....nice to meet u!^^

Zeont : hahaha....i still a beginner la..not so pro yet..keke..