Wednesday, August 6, 2008

After so long,finally ,i touch the golf again !

Hmmm...It has been quite some time since i touch the golf clubs...I still Remembered the 1st time i played golf with my best friend ,Jon ,i was like a DUCK !! Swing like crazy but didn't hit the ball... Haha...Funny !
Hmm...a bit emo now.....I thought about the things happened between us....Hmm..i don't know why our relationship is not as good as before maybe we got some misunderstanding......I just don't know why......He had changed ??? Or Me ???

If you read my previous post, I wrote that I wanted to pick up tennis but in the end I gave up because I didn't have that kind of stamina to play those intense sports.
I love Golf More Compared to Tennis ,Swimming ,Badminton ,Basketball etc... !!!

HAha, the 1st reason is, definitely, it looks cool,
and Second , it doesn't require high stamina.
Of course every sport game is hard and tired in some way and golf too, especially the back part (backbone not backside) ,will be very tired ,and painful sometimes..
But I Just Love it...
Oh ya ,it is also very hard to find a partner to play with you!!U know...many people thought that Golf is Boring..

Oh ya, I just want to tell u ,It is not as easy as you think ....One of My friends always says,"ceh ,golf,easy job,just hit the ball ....bla bla bla..."
hey ,once u try it ,then u know! hehehehe =p
It is challenging and I love it! Haha..
Yesterday morning, at about 9am , I went to KPGCC with Kah Yong for golf lesson but I was tired like a Dog as I slept very late!!!!
But No choice since I wanna improve my golfing skill to become more professional ...hahahaha...I wanna be Paula Creamer!!!!! (Someone might say ,I am day dreaming again......)
IS me....Started to play !! ^^
We learnt from Basic ,from set up to the half swing (9 to 3 o'clock swing ),but i always swung more than that ==' sweat ..
And kah yong ,he did a better swing ...real half swing ,but.....................
But ......his whole body is like a stone .....too straight .....his pose got a bit weird ==' sweat
This is Kah Yong @ KPGCC

Oh ya...Tell u something ,At last I won the game ..haha...Although it was just driving range ,but i hit nicer and farther than him (Kah Yong) ......He said I cheated ...==' he just couldn't accept the truth ! Hahahaha....But ,He is talented too...I play better ,because i play golf earlier than him
Haiz....But The fact ..I still won the game !!! Hehehehe!!!
IS me..Blek ...I won the game...ngek ngek XD
KPGCC (Kota Permai Golf and Country Club) was VOTED Number 1 Golf club by Leading Golf Magazine ,
But their Driving Range not so nice ,wonder why ,I thought KLGCC driving range would be better !

After hitting 50 balls ,I started to feel tired ..Alamak..Like "aunty" saja...
Tired international sign (peace) with a tired bimbo face...blek..i won! hahaha!but why put the cap on my head?????look weird la...not so proper
And the Pro(Instructor) is very kind ....If u want to take any golf lesson....KPGCC is not bad !! Hahahaha...
Thats all for today ,ciao !


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, play golf again! Kinda amusing neh... I want to play also... hehe... and make business there...

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Oh Dear, golfing is sooo much fun.. you should wear long sleeve in the field though because it's sooo hot out there... Love your shirt and shorts! You look so beautiful!

At last I'm back here.

pikakitty said...

pinky pnky princess bb play golf :)
look so cute :)

Kelly said...

you look so cute =p
wah,i don't know how to
play golf,can u teach me?

Barbie said...

My dear princess BB is forever cute, bubbly, adorable, and sweet ^ ^ My princess? wtf lol... Kah Yong's princess? *sob sob*

So, BB won the game ^ ^ Yeah, you're right cuz I guess Kah Yong can't accept the fact that you can play better lol... Hope he's not reading this, does he?

I love my princess! I love my princess! and I will always do! *hug* Yin Yin? You know I love you, rite? *muack* See ya

Jonathan Nathan said...

Its good that you've picked a sport and stuck with it. Most teens these days say they are too lazy to go for any type of sporting activities. Good luck with your caps and do your best! :-)

YinYin said...

AKira : Of course u can play golf and make your business there ^^

Bridge : hey baby..i like golf ^^ i guess you too ^^ ..hmm..u are right...i should wear long sleeve polo when i play on the green...if not my skin will be darker and darker..and get skin cancer ..haha

pikakitty : 4 ur compliment ya ^^

Kelly : thx 4 ur compliment..hehe...u can take golf lesson if you want better ...coz i dumb dumb 1..later teach u the wrong stuff..hahahaha

Barbie : ,so long never see u drop me a comment ..miss u so much...yaya..u are right ,ky just can't accept the truth haha..
he keep saying ,we will play better than me....haha..anyway ,bb know u love me ^^ BB love u too..miss u always xoxo hugs and kiss!!

Jonathan nathan : hello long nvr chat with r u there??hehe..actually ,i am very lazy to take any sport game..but except golf, is much more different with other sport game..nice..i like it^^

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

You look so cutee while holding the golf stick =) Must play hard and smart orrh. Next time can represent Malaysia xD

YinYin said...

JeromeFo : Hey ,Thx 4 ur compliment ^^ I will try my best to improve my golfing skill...but represent impossible la..hahaha