Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dining at Raku Zen

Last Wednesday, I had dinner with my Family at Raku Zen @ Chulan Square before they went back to Germany. At first, we were planning to dine in the hotel but KahYong suggested that we tried RakuZen (he craves for Japanese food) . I also read about Raku Zen on several blogs. So we finally went to RakuZen for dinner.

Interior Design
Their Interior Design is not bad, similar to Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid. However, the violet lighting doesn't give much of Japan Restaurant atmosphere, making it not so Japanese anymore. The plus point is that they have Tatami Dining area which I love so much. It is so cute! They should have devote larger area for Tatami Dining than the normal dining.

Tatami Dining


They serve wasabi in this little cute leaf shape. The "hot" wasabi suddenly becomes so "sweet"..

Juice Juice .........My sis Ordered this......Not so match with Japanese Food ==' sweat

Japanese Style Fried Assorted Vegetables

Shishamo - KY's favourite - he said it's tasty..

My Sushi !!!! Delicious
SoftShell Crab - so so

The Not so nice Wakatori Karagae

Ebi Tempura

Chasoba - Another KY's favourite.. I don't know why they love to eat cold foods

Mixed Tempura ..

Their Food : Normal ....
Service : The Waiter ,A bit Dumb ...

After that ,we went to Baskin Robin @ Pavilion. My little brother wanted to try their Fondue!

His Majesty Love the IceCream Fondue So So much ! And My Sis Too^^ ,They Even Asked My Mum To Take Baskin Robin IceCream Fondue Franchise at Germany ..Sweat =='
German Love IceCream So much...I Wonder why????????
I don't Like IceCream ......


Kelly said...

hey Princessbb ,
it is been so long
u never update your blog,
miss u so much ,
I been to Raku Zen before !

Akira 思胜 said...

I love Japanese food so much, arghh, u are luring me much! haha...