Friday, May 16, 2008

Hmm,Had Dinner at a Cute Chinese Restaurant last night with Kah Yong's Family ^^
Nice food ^^ And I dunno one of the dessert name In english ,If in chinese ,it will be "六味" ,hahaha,if translated to English it will be " 6 taste "??????

Anyways,i am packing now..Because wanna go back to KL lo ,later Kah Yong will drop me at Airport ,and after i meet my mum ,then we will straight away go to Ipoh ...Because my Grandpa (Mother side)
had passed away ...A Sad case.......

Oh ya,just wanna told u all that ,i might not online for 2 or 3days le =( gonna miss u all ....
anyways,take care ya ^^

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