Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to KL!!

Today ,when i woke up..just felt like wanna go back to KL...I can't stay here anymore!!!!
then inform my mum ,and inform DD too...he said ,he will go to ipoh and accompany me to go back happy huh....
When he reached Ipoh ,i asked mummy to fetch me to the Bus Station ,and meet DD lo..Haha,then we went back together !!! So happy ..!!!

Reached KL around 7pm++ ,hahaha,Damn happy la ,And DD said ,wanna bring me to Pavilion ,because we wanna have dinner at 1 of my Favorite Japanese restaurant @ Pavilion ^^ ..
Since DD's car parked at the lousy Pudu Parking we have to went up few floors..and take his car!!

Oh gosh!!! I miss Pavilion so so much!!!I never visit to Pavilion anymore,since last Tuesday!!! hahahahahaahahahah!!!
Pavilion ,Pavilion !!!!

New Paris Hilton boutique shop @ Pavilion
My favorite Juicy Couture at Pavilion !
Burberry at Pavilion
My Favorite GUESS @ Pavilion ^^

We had our dinner at Ichiban Boshi again ^^ ..
DD's love Chasoba ..haha
Terriyaki Don !
Cereal Tori Karragae...
Sushi !!
Before we went back ...we had a drinks ar this cute Milky Lane cafe !!


Jonathan Nathan said...

Wah... u alwiz get to eat to the best food... one day i should ask u for recommendations.

Xeon said...

all those waffle n ice cream in milky lane is quite nice~n also da HK egg tart king is not bad also~wakaka~

btw u stay at KL or Ipoh d oo? so "xin fu" lar u can always go pavilion T_T~


bubble~ said...

hey, seems like u already get back togehter with!! n u so good neh...can always go to pavillion n eat nice food...

Princess BB said...

Jonathan nathan : nice food la..i poor people where got qualification to eat nice i must ask u for recommendation la...

xeon: hahaha..yaya,quite nice..i stay at KL la..not ipoh..i just go there 4 fews day ..hehehe..u also can go what if u "xin fu " la..haha

Burble: hmm....our relationship is better ady..anyways ,thx 4 ur concern ya^^

KahYong said...

quote :
Bubble : hey, seems like u already get back togehter with DD...

too bad, that's just an illusion..