Sunday, May 11, 2008

The curve

Had been staying at Joel's house for 2 nights (Friday's and Saturday's night) because of some i can't update my blog ..

Saturday morning, Jesslin, Joel and I went to The Curve. We had our lunch at TGI Friday's..
Tgi 's Calamari Rings.
Friday's Union Ring .
Buffalo wings
My Favorite Friday's Fish and Chip ..haha

A very Ugly Ice cream ....euu..............................

Mocha Mud Pie...Nice nice.. Like it..But look quite ugly now..
Jesslin Favorite .....

After lunch, we went shopping at Cineleisure and Curve.
The Car damn Nice huh....Fashion Show at Curve ...

However, both of us were not in shopping mood, so we went to Kim Gary's to 'yamcha'.. Chatted a lot.. Later, we went to Pet Safari @ Ikano.. Many cute dogs there!!! I also bought a new shampoo for Baobei (my little ShihTzu), a whitening shampoo and it smells good too ^^..

Night, we went yam char again with Jiahao and gang near Joel's place.. I was very down at midnight but luckily a best friend of mine accompanied my whole night and cheered me up. I wanted to take this chance to thank him..
Hehehe,Our Photo for today Curve Toilet ...^^

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