Thursday, May 1, 2008

Golfing , 1 My favorite Sport ^^

Around 10am ,went to Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club with Johnathan ,I am so happy that ,finally ,got a friend love golfing and play it very well.....And he can teach me a lot !
We had our breakfast at the clubhouse restaurant before golfing !!!
OH ,It is amazing !!!! Love LOve LOve !!!!!! Love GOLFING!!!!!!
The Golf Club Driving Range !
HAHAHAHA..nice shoot ....
The Golf Course !
The Swimming pool...look still ok la..

Around 2 pm ,we decided to take our lunch. So we went back to the club house from driving range ,took a shower and prepared myself !
Then we went to Chili's @ Midvalley(Johnathan Treat^^) ,to had our lunch ..
Weeee.....during the lunch session ,we really talked a lot ,talked until i full and didn't finish my meals..happy^^
At Chilis @ Midvalley !

And we just simply walked around Gardens and went back after that.
Because of the heavy traffic jam ,he fetched me to "gaigai" first ,Then we went to his house@ Kota Kemuning ,had a look ,then just backed to my house .....=='
Anyways ,I had a nice day ^^ !! Thx Johnathan ^^


KahYong said...

you make me feel golf is so nice.. and it's damn COOL.. lolx.. we gonna learn to play golf k.. next time i wanna go together!

yin said...


Jonathan Nathan said...

Wah! You can golf??? Not many Malaysian girls at your age enjoy golf, so you should be proud of yourself. I don't play golf but I did go to the driving range in Sunway with my friends who play. Took some swings but ended injuring my arm quite often. LOL! I'll stick to football...

yinyin said...

hahahaha...really ....then should feel proud of perasa ya..^^ ,i am really like golfing ...coz it is a nice sport ...
and i love tennis too^^