Thursday, January 3, 2008

what Should i Do now???

OMG!!!! school reopen star from tomorrow ,every one have to back to the school or college !!!
DD start his crazy ACCA again at tomorrow !!!
And others ,also found their own job ,even Jesslin also found a nice job at pyramid !!
But me???? just after spm ....Result haven't publish ,i don't know which type of course i am interested ,and i also don't want to so fast continue study again sien !
And I am applying the immigration ,and the rules is ,during applying the immigration,i cant travel!!
swt swt swt!! what i shoud do now?? I am just a weird things,that always sleep eat sleep eat or shopping or watch movie at home for the whole day !!

1 word : BORING !

What should i do?? should i find some job?? but i scared i can't tahan ...i hate the job control my life!! i hate ,if start to work,i have to follow the job schedule !! No shopping ,watch movie ,yum cha at anytime any more !! and i don't know which type of job i am interested also !!I don't want to be promoter ! very tired !! but now,student all also be a promoter !!
But today i heard Jesslin said that ,her job is very fun ,not suffer at all..very easy job... should i work with her together ?? .
But ,i scare ,i don't dare to try ,because i am a lazy person ,and i hate to work for other !
and i am those "3 minute hot"person ,i scared i will get bored with my job ,and people will hate me,if i just work for a few month or few week!

But DD advise me to take some course ,he know i love bakery ,he suggest me to take some bakery course ,then i wont be so boring !! YA i love this advise ... BUT ,where to found those BAKERY COURSE ?? any one know about this???

Or any advise for me???


bubble~ said...

u can go those shop like sell bakery things 1, they have alot of bakery course..they have bakery course everyday...i know some of the shop u can find it in puchong Bandar Puteri and another one is in Puchong Jaya.

yinyin said...

Really ma>>i just wanna short time course de...i don't want those long time de..because ,just wanna play and pass my sien la..hahahah

Carely_Babystar said...

when u take photo n put at blog o...i think sure very nice de...

angies moment said...

hahax leng lui~ me also.. sien at home duno wat to do hais.. =S neeways.. u take care arh har. hope u dont burn the house then can d.. xp

bubble~ said...

yah, those course that i tell u is a short course 1 day they offer 2-3 type of recipes from different chef..then if u interest in either 1 recipe, u only have pay for that recipe one time is rm 20++ or something (if i'm not mistaken)..and each course is like 1-2 hour only..

yinyin said...

really ?the course at where???
and angela...i wont burn the house la..i will burn ur house...wakakakkakakakkak!!
and baby : haha,i will post in blog de....hehe