Saturday, January 19, 2008

I love YOU!! KINGONE !!! 王传一

Has been watched the taiwan drama from yesterday until today ......I love this drama ,and i am addicted to the Main male character in the drama.. He is KINGONE ,wang zhuan yi ...

Drama title was why why love 换换爱
(i know this movie release for so long already ..i know i am outdated.....hahaha)
I will watched this drama because of Rainie Yang !@!
She is the main female character in the drama,
and i like her ,she is cute ,she is natural cute ..and not fake ..
not like others ,just act cute....I like her !!

But After i watched this dram ,i change my target , I Love the Guys !!!! He is damn Hot !! Damn man !!! he is just very MAN!!!
And handsome .....
He is the second guys that i get addicted which the 1st is Edison Chan ......
This is KINGONE!! wang zhun yi....
OMG!!! I love hIM!!! and when i am searching his video in youtube , i just realized that he was a SInger !!!!!!!
And he is the Ex-member of a group of singer -comic boys
That time,comic boys for me is childish ..but now he become mature and man ....Love it!!!!!!
OMG!!!!! His voice is cute ..sweet ..i Love it !!!!
I heard his song before at a lot of shopping centre and radio ,but i don't know he was a singer ....haiz..But now.still not late...i still can support HIM!!!!!
Yeah yeah!! Love KINGONE!!!!

This is the video ..check it out!!!!!!!!!

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