Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Alvin and the Chipmunk and Famous amos Cookies

Today ,DD brought me to 1u shopping and watched movie ...........before we went to 1u ,we went to a shop that sell those bakery ingredient ....bought a lot of ingredient and utensil ...hahaha.. i wanna buy a cake mixer too..but have to wait for tomorrow .......

Ok .. About this movie ,ALVIN And The Chipmunk ,Me and DD wanna watch this movie for so long already ,since December ..but a lot of reason make us cant watch this movie ... BUt TODAY !!! FINALLY!!! we can watch this movie ...........
I love this Movie ..........OMG! It is cute cute and cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANd it is Funny and Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 99 mark !!!!! hahahahahha.....

Awesome Movie ..And i also got put some song about this movie at my blog!! enjoy ya!!!
Nice nice..i love the song they sing !!!

And Today ,DD bought the Famous Amos cookies for me !!! OMG!!! I love FAmous amos cookies ..
Remember that ,when i was a kid ,my grandma always bought FAmous Amos Cookies for me..
I really Love this cookies ...damn nice..........And I Call This Cookies As "BEAR BEAR COOKIES "
And DD !! U still Owe me 2 pack of My "BEAR BEAR COOKIES!!!".....rmb this ya!!
I Love the ""chocolate chip and pecan "flavor !! damn nice..
BUt i Lost my cookies today at stupid KFC !!!!
Coz DD wanna eat KFC then i just accompany him to eat...but i lost my coookies at KFC!!\
what the hell......i thought i left the cookies at the KFC counter ..after that i back to the counter there and looking for my cookies ....BUt it is not there..and the worker said...they didn't found any cookies//what the hell!@! even a cookies also want to steal?? OMG!!! how poor is this world!!! it is DD bought for me de !!!!!!! why u stole it!!!

But Nvm ,let me introduce My FAVORITE COOKIES ,FAMOUS AMOS !!!!

Famous Amos Cookies began over 30 years ago when a true cookie lover baked cookies in his home to share with friends. That first batch of cookies was perfected to create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. With a commitment to use only the best ingredients, like rich chocolate and flavorful nuts, Famous Amos soon earned a reputation for homemade taste.

Today, Famous Amos Cookies still meet the high expectations of discerning cookie lovers. Mouth watering Ambrosia chips, rich peanut butter, pecans, walnuts, raisins and other ingredients makes Famous Amos a favorite among cookie connoisseurs.
The Wally Amos ....founder of Famous Amos Cookies !!!!!!!!!!! funny!!
My Favorite Famous Amos Cookies Flavor !!!!!!!!! Chocolate chip & Pecans !!!! Love it!!!


vinsiie said...

hoho... i'm the amos cookies 's fans also. damn nice @@'.

yinyin said...

hahah....good......lets become the amos fans together!!