Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Melaccatrip ,day 3

We should wake up early today to eat Chicken Rice Ball because it normally sold out about 12pm.. As we woke up late, we had no choice but to take the alternative and went to another shop which sells not-so-nice chicken rice ball..

Here's some pictures of the food..

Chicken Rice balls - yummy!!


Wantan Soup

Roasted Chicken

Otak Otak

Kampung Chicken

After lunch, we went to Stadhuys (buildings in red built by Dutch).. Took many pictures there.. ^^ Joel shuffle at the staircase ==', Jesslin acted as a rich auntie.. they both are so talented to be comedian, lolx.. We also took some funny photos... happy happy happy!!!

Then, we went to Samudera Museum - a museum that shows the history of Malacca..

Wow....look like a ship from the heaven.........ar hahahahahahaha

Lastly, we went to Jonker Street - a must go in Malacca.. FYI, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, Jonker Street will be converted into Jonker Walk whereby traders will be lining along the pedestrian street and setting up stalls to sell and display products associated with or reflect the cultural colours, such as antique copper coins, unique arts and crafts, souvenirs, ornamental jewelry and most importantly local and ethnic traditional food like Cendol, Fried Oyster, freshly baked pineapple tarts, curry laksa, asam laksa etc.
Durian Cendol and ABC
The friend oyster cake .............


Barbie said...

This is past midnight already by de time Barbie left Yin Yin this comment. =( My stomach is making noise right now, babe =( Food and traveling post! Barbie wanna try the chicken rice ball. Must be yum yum, rite?

Oyster cake!!! We don't have in here in my country, but my Sister Mei Mei used to post up the picture. Barbie like the crispy part. Must be Yum Yum!!!

Barbie love and miss Yin Yin as always. Must take a good care of yourself, okie? (((Hug))) XX

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

So many nice foods there=)!
Especially The chicken rice.
Read alot reviews about it...

卡乔鸟 said...


Jonathan Nathan said...

I think I went to that same not-so-chicken-rice-ball shop when I was in Melaka. Doesn't taste that good but too bad la. U tried the durian cendol oso ah? Isn't it like too sweet? Sugar overdose. I almost died trying to finish my bowl of cendol.

邪恶天使 said...

hmm... im sure bb got on9.. but y nvr 'pou tou' 1???
is there anything goes wrong?

YinYin said...

Barbie:my barbie^^ bb was busy this few day neh..BBmiss u a lot also^^
haha..teh chicken rise ball is nice^^ but i found other restaurant mnore nice le..^^ when barbie come to malaysia,bb bring u go n eat the chicken rice and oyster cake ^^

joremeo: hehehe..yaya,the chicken rice really very nice ^^

卡乔鸟 : hahah.is it??^^ so what u eat for ur breakfast???

jonathan nathan:yaya..really not so nice lo.....got other chicken rice ball shop more nice..those is really traditional 1...hahaha..and the celdol is not bad la..but abit too sweet...i am agree with u^^ hahahaha

Xeon said...


there's so dam much photo of those food~i'm dam hungry and i not be able to eat those food in da photo T_T~

anyway da video is quite funny for da rich auntie part hahahaha~


Kelly said...

The video is funny XD

YinYin said...

Xeon : hahaha..yaya..the girl is my best fren ..she is very funny...she always make me laugh .....haha^^ how r u there?

Kelly : hehe..yaya^^ Nice to meet u ,welcome to my blog!