Monday, June 23, 2008

Holiday and Seminar @ Singapore

Hey everyone, I'll going to Singapore from tomorrow until next Monday (24th-30th June).. 5day4 night for the seminar and 3 Days 2Nights for Travel ^^We are going to Sentosa beach the first day and shopping around Orchard Mall.I'll attending a 5 days business marketing seminar with Kah Yong at Singapore Expo.. Just hope that I won't get too bored listening to this business seminar.. hahahahahha..

So, see you guys in Singapore..

Stay tuned! I'll bring you Sentosa Beach!.. hahaha.. I'm going to take lots of photos.. hehe..


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Omgz..Another trip!
Lol.Takecare orrh=)
dun lost your handbag again....

Barbie said...

T_T *sob sob* My dear princess BB is on the trip to Singapore? When I'm out you in, and when I'm in, you're out :( Oh well, Barbie will be always here waiting for my dear Princess to come back! You can still online in Sing, right?

Barbie miss this princess terribly! Me convey my flying affection and kisses to BB with the cyberspace! you feel my love for you BB?

No worry! Barbie is a HUGE fan of Yin Yin's blog! Gonna stayed tune for sure! Barbie love Yin Yin as always! ((((Hug)))) Have fun my dear! Must take a good care of yourself too <3 *muah muah*

YinYin said...

Jeromeo: haha..i will be careful ^^ thx 4 ur concern..

Barbie: hey....BB LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!
hahahah..MIss u a lot neh...BB is sick now........haiz...yaya..i can only by using the internet card...but it is temporally la..have to pay 1 lo...hahahahah^^ .............BB will miss barbie ooo^^