Monday, June 2, 2008

Hey....I love JAY CHOU

Hahahahahahahahahaha..suddenly ....felt like wanna post about this!!
I Like JAY CHOU so much ..... you??do u like him??
He is a Talented singer ,actor and also director!!! He is Just TALENTED !!!
I got nothing to talk about him...he is just simply TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!

And i Found a New Jay Chou Fan's blog ,U all can just join it ,if you are a Jay Chou's Fan^^
Here is it :

His Movie :

Secret ...A movie by Jay chou..He is the director of the movie.....He is just talented ...

Jay chou @ Kung Fu dunk.....A comedy .......
Jay Chou @ Curse of the Golden Flower..

Jay Chou @ Initial D

8 of Jay Chou's album :
Jay Chou ep @ Hidden TrackJay Album 周杰倫同名專輯
Jay @ Fantasy 范特西
Jay @ the eight dimensions八度空間 Jay @ Ye Hui Mei 葉惠美 Jay @ Common Jasmine Orange 七里香 Jay@ November Chopin 十一月的蕭邦
Jay @ Still Fantasy 依然范特西 Jay @ On the Run 我很忙
He is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love Jay chou ...

His Concert Album:

Jay Chou World Tour 2008
Jay Chou InCompareable Concert ..
Jay Chou @ The One live cd
This is some of my Bf 's Jay Album .....
2004 ,The year that i started to love Jay Chou ,It is because of you ,Dear ......
Because i heard that u love Jay Chou so much.....
He is really talented...I love his song is meaningful ! And his song can explain all my feeling to u...Is real.............This is why i Love Jay Chou so much!!!!!


3POINT8 said...

Hoho, u are also a fan of jay chou?
Me too! High five!

Anyway, your email add is, yes?
Oh well, I'll send the mail again to your hotmail and your friendster mail [YinYin lJuicy Couture]

princessbb said...

yeye...we are jay chou fan!!!!!!
oh ya..that is my email..wait 4 ur mail ya^^

3POINT8 said...

Actually, I've sent the email dy.
Did you get it??
(maybe you might want to check your spam folder, if its not too much of a hassle for you)

Or if u want, you could send a mail to me @
jom makan @ gmail [dot] com

YinYin said...

OKOK..i will sent it to u...i think my stupid hotmail got problem =='

angela said...

wah wah wah~ hahax didnt know hat u like jay chou. oh well~ there is something similiar between us. which is we started to know bout jay cause of another half of us. hahax but mine is a past d;yours are still on. oh man~ wish to get a "white horse prince" wahahahahaha...* slap* i think i have to say "draem on girl" to ma self =p *wink*

oLive said...

I love Jay chow very much too!!!
but i din correct his album de~
i burn bu download the songs de~!
u have his concert ablum too!! that;s great!!

phatelara said...

Wah, I like Jay Chou too, both his music (I prefer his romantic songs) and movies. Even though I cannot understand Mandarin, I think he is cool! And he's cute too!! =)