Saturday, June 7, 2008

HAhahahah,My Princess Barbie Birthday 7th June 2008

Barbie..u can click the picture to enlarge it ^^ ...u can grab it if u like ^^
Finally ,12am here ^^ I can post something for my Princess Barbie

Barbie..BB made this Card for your by myself,
And the meaning is about only you and me ..

7th June 2008 ,A Fairy Tales Princess Birthday
She is the Princess Barbie ..
Happy birthday to you My lovely Barbie ..

About us :
The 1st things that Barbie talked to me is ,My Belle(Beauty and the best)
Music Box ..She love the music box so much...And that time ,i felt
that ,i found another Princess that love Fairy Tales so much..I really
Felt like ,wanna get a Music box for her...Really ,But i just can't
make it..because it is only available at Paris Disneyland....
Then I visited her blog.. Gosh...She has a Dreamie Fairy Tales Blog,
Every single post that she posted ,is full of Happiness..It is just so
DReamie ...And Her Blog is covered By all the Disney Princess character
Picture ....At the time ,I realized that ,She Love disney More than
me,She just simply love Fairy Tales so so much ...
And I Believe that ,Fairy Tales Believer must Have a Pink Heart ..
The Happiness colour .....although i never saw her before..but i can
Felt that ,she is a very Lovely and Sweet person ...
Because her soul is covered by Pink colour and Full of Fairy Dreams.

Because of Barbie,We Became Best Friend in Blog now...although we
were not a real Life friend and staying in different country ,
But Our heart still being with each others..She care about me alot!
Everytime i saw her Message at My chatbox...I felt that i am
so happy and lucky to met this Friend ^^

Oh ya...And now..everytime i am searching for disney movie or barbie ,
Or i found something very nice about disney,
The 1st person i will think about is Barbie ...and i just want to
share with her ..^^
She love disney Princess so much..Especially Cinderella and Belle..
She love the Cinderella Glass slipper .....

Barbie ,BB lOve u^^
Happy Birthday to you ....The Best wishes for you!!
Hope that you dream will come true in 1 day ^^ ...
Will never forget you..My lovely Barbie ...


邪恶天使 said...

bb~~~ i'm back!!!!! XD
miss me ? XD

邪恶天使 said...

bb~~ very tired le.. hehe..
now go oioi first.. 2mr morning come again.. XD
night night~~

Barbie said...

BB! I don't know what to say here! :( I'm so touched! and I'm now at a terrible lost for words now. What I can say here is to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. U know what BB? I can't help not to burst into tears reading this post of yours. T_T I really am. It's so touched!

Thanks God! U've been so kind to me! U gave me such a lovely, sweet, and kind princess frn.

BB! Barbie just wanna let you know that I loved you since the first moment I was here on your page seeing your adorable face! Your pinky template, your Disney Bell music box, your Princess song. You're another fairy tale believer I've found, and I can't afford to lose.

For all the good things that you have, for all the joys u've brought, for all the great invisible connection, and from that moment up to now, you make me love you more and more. Thank you so much! *hug* T_T BByin! Barbie love you!!! <3 *hug*

YinYin said...

邪恶天使 : hahaha...yesterday i receive ur msg then i am so bad i din go to Pavilion...hehe...

Barbie : dun cry ,baby...This is all i wanna tell u..this is all my feeling to you^^ is real ^^ I love u ,barbie..Hugs and Kiss ^^

Barbie said...

Who could find a way try not to cry with you writing all this down? Me not crying now, but smiling instead ^ ^ Yes, it will be an unforgettable moment of my journey of life. Barbie love BByin with all my heart <3 Maybe more than you could think off :P


It was a big hug huh? BB is just cute little princess! So, ok wat bout this big? ((((Hug)))) Heh Heh... ^ ^ *Muah* Barbie just kiss Yin Yin. Just my luck, DD is not around. Otherwise, he would just say ! Wat the heck u doing, Barbie! That's my princess, not yours :P Eh!

Yes,sweetie! Get whatever you want from my page! They are more than please to go with you ^ ^ LUV You SO! <3

nEeRAj said...

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Keep going..
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JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow...Awesome trip with your friend.=) Wish i could be there also...