Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life with Freedom is Cool

Guys, if u are here u should read this! This is a thought from Kah Yong which I think it really makes sense.

It's cute when I told others that I've finished my exam. Normal reaction will be "so relax already loh? Got time to rest and enjoy and play". Yeah, that's part of it.

Last Friday, I went back to Malacca right after my exam. I had a very fun time in Malacca catching up with old friends and sharing on our future plans. I loved to talk about financial planning and financial freedom and that's what I talked most. One thing that I noticed was some friends of my age still no have idea of how their future will like. When I asked "What's your plan?" or "What do you want in life?". The common answer that I'll get is "Don't know. Study finish first then decide." But my friends, if you were reading this, I hope you would seriously continue reading and start thinking.

Study finish first. When will you finish your study? Common age - 22~24. What's next after study? Work / intern to get some experience, right? How long would that be? 2 years, 3 years? Before you realise, time passed and it's time for make a decision. But if you haven't been thinking of your future. The common decision again would be - just continue doing what I'm doing. Really, that's what happened to most people out there.

Start to think, what you want in life. NOT how you gonna do it, not yet. Just think of what you want in life. What house you wanna live in, what car you wanna drive, what foods you like to enjoy, what about your parents, how much you wanna give them every month? Just what you want in life. Because WHY comes before HOW. If you know why, you would know how.

The conventional way is HOW HOW HOW, never about WHY. To make more money is not a WHY. Everyone wants to have MORE money. But WHY do you want the money for? How much is enough? 99% of people don't make as much money as they want because they don't know why are they working so hard for.

As for me, my WHY is simple:
I want to be FINANCIALLY FREE so that I have TIME and MONEY to do things that I love. Many millionaires are rich but not wealthy. They have money but no time. They have big house but often the house is just like a hotel. They have big cars but often the Ferrari are like antique in the garage. Not that they don't drive to work but simply they are overseas for business most of the time. I don't want to be RICH, I want WEALTH. If you give me $1million every month for me to work for you for 10 hours a day. I'll pass. I rather earn less and be free. Free to do spend my time with family and friends.

Some friends are even cuter. They asked," KahYong, why the hell you want to be financially free? Don't you think life's boring when it's too free?" How could life be boring when you do the things that you love? Life with a full time job is boring. Life with freedom is cool. I could enjoy time with family. We could go travel around the world anytime. I play golf anytime I like. I scuba dive anytime I like. I read books, I attend any workshop for personal growth in any fields that I love, be it sports, finance, personal development, nutrition and health, music instruments. I do charity. I help people to find their dreams. I contribute to the society. I do anything I enjoy anytime I like. Now, this is wealthy.

Imagine, if you are FREE from financial and time contraint, what would and what could you do? Now, that's the future that you are looking forward to.

Your achievement would just be as big as your dreams, and not bigger. If you dream to be a millionaire, you will never become billionaire. So, why not dream to be a billionaire? Why not dream to live in big bungalows? Why not dream to drive sport cars? Why not dream?


by Kah Yong


lilzYumiko said...

impressive. :D

Carely_Babystar said...

em i agree wat u said~
i also plan after study finish my diploma then i continue degree~finish degree~i work~around 25-28yrs old,i hope i can open one shop sell wat i like to sell~own business,no need control by boss,no need ask permission for holiday to travel~money wan earn,but we should know how to enjoy our life too~if not,earn how many also worst!

Jim Foong said...

Life is not as simple as it seems my dear. I wouldn't disagree with only a small part of the article. Is the article even relevant to all the people from the third world country who are currently surviving from starvation everyday ?? They never stop thinking of HOW to feed their empty stomach, and yet they are still starving.

The article is nicely written but there are some flaws which is mainly the concentration that has gone the wrong way. Why am i saying so ?? It's because, most people work hard to make a living to feed their family. If you don't work hard to create a strong foundation, how are supposed to dream big ?? Does it mean sitting down and just dreaming big every day would satisfy any imaginable needs ? I doubt so.

Mr.Kah Yong is living a good life I suppose and that's a grateful thing. But I'm assuming that if he were to have only 10 bucks in his wallet everyday and he will need to divide it for 3 meals a day, im sure he'll take back all that words right away. People who doesn't have financial problems at all, they may enjoy every single bit of that article trust me they do.

The article is good seriously, but i would say its meant for only the over rich people who work like a whore everyday and all their time got sucked up. So it shall not be a commonly agreeable article in overall.

To conclude this whole thing, i'd say...I'm just giving a point of view of my own so please, no offence yea =) Thank you.

KahYong said...

Hi Jim, no offence taken, no worries. But I hope the following could let u better understand my points.

The the first thing that I want to clarify is that this is an article for all, and not just for rich people whose time got all sucked up.

People from the third world country are those that need our help most. They got strong WHY but some are still starving which could be due to lack of chance and also political decision. Some citizen of third world country are poor but the rulers are rich.

The exact reason of why most people work just to survive is because they never dream big. Because they only think of solving the problem right in front of their eyes i.e. to feed the family. But if they dare to dream and they want to be free, there are plenty of chances out there (even some third world countries also have the chance now like Vietnam). Now what are the chances am I talking about? It is network marketing. Robert Kiyosaki suggests that network marketing is the best part time business for all employees and self employed that want to switch their roles from the left side of the cash flow quadrant to the right side of the cash flow quadrant. Well, whether one could succeed in a network marketing business again depends on the comapany that he chooses, the system that teaches how to build the business plus most importantly, the willingness of the person to work for his dream.

Another, let's not talk about network marketing i.e. the how first. Back to dreams.

Let me give an example, if your dream is just to have a vehicle, what car would you have? Probably a Wira, Persona, Myvi, Vios and maybe City. Why? Because u just want a vehicle to travel around. But if you want a sport car, even you couldn't get a Ferrari, there is still 99% that you will be driving a Accord or Camry.

A person success COULD NOT and WILL NOT be bigger than his dreams. And dreams is free, why not dream big?

Sitting down and just dreaming big every day would bring no changes. I totally agree on that. ACTION comes after dreams. If one has big dreams, he will find a way to achieve his dreams and not just complaining about his life. That's a very important point I missed out in the article which I gotta top up here. =)

KahYong said...

For example, Mr Le Ka Shing, the richest Chinese in the world. He was a labourer working 16 hours a day in a plastics trading company. But today he is the richest Chinese. Why him? Because he has dreams. Because he doesn't want to be a labour for his whole life. In contrast to his colleagues, his colleagues probably thinking of making a living only. So every dollar that they make, they would spend it to survive. But he is different, he dreams, he plans, he saves and he starts his own company.

Mr Lim Goh Tong is another classic example. Steve Jobs dreams of changing the world, that's why Apple is so innovative. Bill Gates wants to dominate the PC and Software market, that's why Microsoft is the most common use. It is all dreams and vision.

Last but not least, I had the exact experience that you said. I live with 10 bucks a day in my wallet for nearly 1 and half years. I skipped breakfast, I ate Maggie goreng, roti telur, burger almost 4 times a week. I tried before, that's why today I understand WHY and HOW I should change my life.

If one person is in survival mode, he will forever living to survive. But if a person have dreams, he will definitely achieve his dreams. Law of Attraction. Opportunities are everywhere but the question is, is your mindset ready? Are you ready to take the opportunities? Are you ready to change the way you earn a living? Are you ready to do something new? Are you ready to make the decision? Opportunites are only available to those people that are ready.

I already found my WHY years ago and now I have found my HOW. It is not because I'm lucky but because I'm ready, ready for every challenges and ready to take the opportunity that present upon me. The opportunity that I have been searching for. The perfect HOW.

Btw, I wrote an article on power of compounding before which is at my another blog. Summary is, if you save $150 per month and invest in a fund that could yield 15% a year, in 30 years, you are a millionaire already. check out
if you wanna know the details calculation.

My point is simple, have BIG WHY and HOW will come. There are too many ways to make a million dollars. The question is do you want this $1m and are you ready to make this $1m.

Jim Foong said...

Well I knew something like that about investment or money making money was coming =) I totally get the idea that you're suggesting to me, but no thanks for the offer though. I hope you don't get me wrong yea, I just thought there's no such thing as easy money and that's just a lil perspective of mine thank you =) Anyway, great explanation you've got your self there and it seems like the researches have been pretty much nicely done. Good luck, peace ;)

KahYong said...

bro, I think u get me wrong here. Investment is how you create wealth. Many people don't understand the power of compounding. Btw, Einstein once said, "compounding" is one of the most powerful thing that human ever creates. If you want to rely on pension fund for your retirement, I wish u luck. I strongly suggest you to learn what's compounding and what's investment. I got no product to sell to you, don't worry.
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