Friday, November 23, 2007

HAppy Day..

I am quite happy today ,why??? because SPM just leave 2 subject , and today i went to KLCC with jesslin ,she very very long never go KLCC ,so just felt like wanna bring her go ,some more my cousin brought me to the beauty Fair at KL convention center..hehe,i am quite lucky today, i played the lucky spin ,what i got is a pack of calcium capsule ,ah hahahah,it is suit me ,because i never drink milk !!!! so lucky ,and what jesslin get??? Just a Memo Pad!!! ahahahahhahahahah!!
funny!!!!! After that,we went to KLCC and have our lunch there!!! GOSH !!! SO many people,
like Pasar malam la!! and i didn't buy anything today ,why?? KLCC too many people ,very hard to shop ,so just eat eat eat and eat ....NTH special....
Then at NIght ,my dear dear bring me to the POPULar Mamak ,Located at ss2,hmm,they have a very special roti canai ,Roti special ,Roti Hawai,ROti salad,roti seafood ,etc...a lot of food there!!
ALl Nice nice le,u all should go and try ,at Ss2 ,behind prince cafe ,very easy to go,when u reach there u can saw a lot of people are eating there....The Mamak name is Murni..
And yesterday ,i saw a idiot pervert leaved me a comment.all he said is just a shit talk ,and nonsense ,and luckily all my friend stand by my side ,and always stand beside me ,help me ad protect me!!!!So some 1 who try to criticize or bully me...u will just fail to do it !! so don't think about that!!!! ANd THX ALL MY FRIEND!!


Anonymous said...

kar yau!!!!
prove to me u listen to my advise..hehe..

sTorY said...

which comment ar?
yesterday d 1st comment is me leh..
dun gt confuse o..~

YinYin said...

canu leave a name ma?

Carely_Babystar said...

so happy oh.sPm wan finish jor...hehe....good luck my dear fren