Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Baby is here

Yee haa... I am back again, hehehe, my babes have been complaining about my blog dying all the time, Ok, I admit now, it was kinda dead lately, but look, whose fault ?????
It was my lovely babes, they have been planning all the party and outing for us and I got so many events to attend, how could I get a lil spare time to update my blog ???? Agree? NO?? XD
Nah, Just kidding, me, always love u babes ^^

And PEI, see...My update is here XD
U know what, I just came back from Banting few days ago, which was Shryne and Peiling's hometown... It was FUN XD, but I missed out something nice... I would put up some updates about the trip soon..
1 more, our BabeMIA went back to her very lovely home - Vietnam already, we MISSED U so MUCH dear!! T_T
OK la OK la, stop being drama here, XD .... Let's continue ..

Then, what about the december baby?? HEHEHE
Kahyong was the one.

Let's talk about my prince's birthday,
I had been spending load of time to buy their Birthday present, especially Kahyong's, why?? It was because I had to buy 21 different birthday presents for him as it was his 21st Birthday XD, It really dried up my brain juice.

DD and his 21 birthday presents in the huge gift box, eh, I made it for him K....

Everyone had been asking me how we celebrated his birthday and my answer was ....
just a simple celebration =='
Due to his hardworking-ness, he was not willing to take any annual leaves on his birthday, So I just got to celebrate with him at night on the 14th DEC therefore we just had his birthday dinner at StarHill, but the food was freaking awesome this time !! Finally I found a "can cook very nice food " restaurant in StarHill... XD

Babes, will treat u guys there next time XD I mean... SOMEEEEEEE OTHER TIMEEEEEEEEEEE....
WAIT for a moooooooment XD

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRHTDAY

My Always the prince KahYong

*Happy Birthday*
~Vic Vicky Victoria~


Peiling said...

Yes yes yes now i can see ur update!!!hahaha

☆ ☆ ☆ Jesslyn ☆ ☆ ☆ said...

Well, thanks for the post but can you delete the 1 pic? I looked so fugly.

shryne shirly said...

babe.. im so sad for u for there is sumthing so fake make u unhappy.. anyway, hope u can let it go asap jus think abt us~the Babes, not bitch.. haha, we love u always~ xoxo, muakz//

Victoria Yin Yin said...

peiling : YES....YES>..XD

Jesslyn : if u dun like, i can delete the whole thing! ...WELL....The present was bought 2 days before your birthday..if u still think it was used, then I have nothing to say .. .. ..

shryne : YEAH YEAH ^^ that's why I will say, I am so lucky to have a bunch of friends like u guys ^^ ...
Love u , babes......XOXO..but no gossip girl XD HAHAHA

☆ ☆ ☆ Jesslyn ☆ ☆ ☆ said...

Go ahead