Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Month

Wow, I just realized that it had been more than 10 days since I last updated my blog. Sorry, I have been lazy all the time, but as I appreciate my blog, I shouldn't had neglected it, right right ??

So guys, how have you been ???
It is december now, the Fantasy month of the year, why will I say so??
Ngek ngek, it is because it is the Xmas month.
It is the best month of the year and is also a "headcahe" month.
The best part is Xmas is around the corner, and 2 of my lovey's (KahYong and BabyJ) birthdays fall on this month,and and, our 5th anniversary on 31st Dec.

About the headache part is I don't know what should I buy for Kah Yong and BabyJ as birthday presents and Xmas presents for all my freaky babes ....
I will need to buy 15+ different presents for different people =='

By the way, let's not talk about it first, just let me update a lil bit about myself,
The first thing that I want to declare is

YEAH YEAH, There is no "rushing for assignments" thingy coming out from my mouth anymore. XD

Then what had I done for last week ?????? T_T Doing nothing at home as my babes were not free yet because it was their turn to be busy for their exams and assignments.
However, I still got to live my life to the fullest XD, I planned a lot of secret programs for myself and I was doing it everyday. Beside this, shopping was a sport that couldn't be erased from my To-Do list, I shopped quite a lot since the day I finished my assignments ...

The spree of the day again XD

Perfume from Benefit, My lovely aunt got me this one, sweet.

Oh, My freaking twilight, many said, victoria was addicted to twilight, but I would say, Victoria was poisoned. xD

By the way, Just to buy all of the presents for my Babes, Lovey, and family is more than enough to get me broke, plus my personal expenses, I am here to declare, I think I am going to be broke soon XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

No wait, I don't want to be broke, I still need to get my ass off to Singapore and do some shopping...
GOD HELP ME, HELP ME from being a psycho shopaholic!


Oh yeah, When I was looking for something in the drawer, I saw something nice that I almost forgot that I owned it ....
It was the magical stuffs from Disneyland ^^

The most common souvenir - Key Chain, LOL XD

Cindy's Music Box

TinkerBell Music Box

~Forgiveness is the best gift to ourselve~
Vic Vicky Victoria


shryne shirly said...

very nice perfume wei..!!! i wan it...!!! argh!!! pokai soon... don let me see it maa...!!! T_T

♥ Renise said...

hii yin, mind to re-link me?


Victoria Yin Yin said...

Shryne : AHAHAHAHAHAHA...U want ar?????? WAIT LA!!!! XD

Renise : OK.....will do it soon..

Anonymous said...


Jerine said...

the tinker bell music box is adorable!

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