Monday, December 28, 2009

The Babe's day out - Banting

Was invited by my babe Shryne to her hometown for 2days 1 night, oh yeah, it was Pei's home town too XD
By the way, a simple question was asked all the time : " What's so nice in Banting ?"
I would say, it was not about the place, it was about the people.
However, I missed out the nice seafood in Banting T_T

So The first stop was the party queen shryne's cribs !!! XD HAHAHAHA...
So what's so special about her bungalow ???
Yeah, there were 3 coconut trees in the house, so we could always get coconut drinks for FREE XD

She said, this was her mum's idea.......

I think this is a good landmark of the house, so next time if u want to go to her house, find the coconut trees in the house then u will get there. XD
(No offense ya babe)

Karaoke at Neway ???????
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were planning to go out and chill around at night, but we were kinda lazy so we decided to chilled in the Karaoke room of shryne's crib instead of outdoor chilling .
Her mum treated us like VIPs XD.

No point to introduce u who was this freak as u guys already knew.

She said this "keropok" was oily so she didn't eat it but used it to cover her face...she said she looks ugly with spec... ==' NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Our cutie Mia

Oh yeah, This was a new friend (to me), Giselle introduced by PEI.

Both of them were the Karaoke Queen of the night.

Mia and her Pink Gucci ...

Oh......Shryne is singing????

Yor, So sexy ah, PEI.

After this, We chatted,playing some stupid love test and gossip all night long in the room.. I love this XD

Sepang Gold Coast
The second day was another babe's day out, we went to the so called Sepang Gold Coast.

Pei looks nice in this photo.

Shryne with her silly face again ...=='

Kah Yong joined us too, he purposely got all his way to banting just to fetch me back to subang after the day out....
OH, my poor KahYong.....

P as PEI, V as Victoria, M as MIA, S as Shryne
and KAHYONG as the driver XD Poor DD

Ok, The Gold coast was totally an opposite of the REAL GOLD COAST @ Australia.
LAME place, if u really want to pay a visit, think twice .......
By the way, we have lotsa fun though, u know, it was about the peoples, Us, The babes, not the places XD

It was raining .... =='

Oh....Her slipper gone

He was chasing the poor broken umbrella. LOL

I was screaming and complaining all the time until my babes asked Kahyong to shut me up!! XD
HAHA, wei, it was really ... EWWWW.................lah.
Plus, PEI, shryne and KahYong were enjoying playing with the baby crab =='

EW.... The baby crab is all around...

Too many picture to update, and it takes ages to upload man.
SO will stop it here.

~ XOXO The babes ~
Vic Vicky Victoria


Peiling said...

hahhaha i like this post!!!!but why soo many photos of mine huh???i feel soooo shy laa!!ngek ngek.oh oh btw it's kamen not karmen.lolz

shryne shirly said...

lolz.. u say out the point babe.. being fun at the place the most important is the pl who u with~~~ im so happy when spend out the time v u gals.. stay close always.. xoxo

Carely_Babystar said...

so nice~
when bring me go?ngek ngek~
i like kahyong chase umbrella~its funny la...haha~

Payad said...

got karaoke room inside karaoke room inside house.heaven seh.

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