Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A weekend getaway to Redang

Stressful and hectic, it's the life of the city..
Grab a swimsuit and a sunglasses and you are ready to fly away from the hectic city life.
Well, sometime we just need some time to calm down ourself in order to gain more strength to move forward!  So yeah, A weekend getaway to Redang would be perfect. XD

At LCCT, ready to fly ~

LOL, he looked so weird in the pic XD

Opps! The flight was empty ?!! XD
My 3rd time with AirAsia, It's all short flight though, 
U know what, I almost faint in the flight due to airsick.
I couldn't bear with AirAsia if it's a long haul flight! @-@

On the freaking open boat that transfer us to the main resort.
Ugly me ~~ LOL


There we go! LOL!! 

Tadaa~~ The Redang Beach Resort.
LOL!! I was nagging all the time like "why don't we stay in Laguna? Why don't we stay in laguna", LOL, it's because the last time I came I was staying in 
Laguna with my family and as I know it's the best on the beach.
And he said : "wont you get bored every time you come here 
you stay in laguna? try something new!!"
I Was like ... Okay ~~~

LOL, who knows, Redang Beach Resort was a nice place to stay though, very happening at night!
Plus they gave you all sort of "hawaii"style of feeling, natural.

I like this. 

Let's check in and change ~~

Was very hungry so I had my early dinner on the beach once I check-in.

LOL, Non stop camwhoring after the Early Dinner.

Well, It's time!!!!!
Let's get to the beach!!!!
Finally!!!!! SEA~~~~~ 
 It's so crystal clear and you can see the fish swimming all around.

HEHEH, I drew this!! XD

VIC is ME! LOL!!! Lame.

Well,it's almost 6 by the time we reached Redang, therefore
the sky got dark in only a short while, so we had a lil fun and get changed and proceed to
the BBQ dinner.


Guess what? I made all these!! XD

The resort was getting cosy at night, very chilly and relaxing! 

Live band on the go!

CLubbing!! LOL XD

The Second Day!!!!
Well, Basically, it's a snorkeling day. Woke up freaking early to join the trip.
Like 9am?! Okay, that's early to me T_T

This one is like what? You said you love krabi when you were in Redang?!!

The snorkeling center!

Finally, the Famous Marine Park!

Pretty aye ?!!

Feeding the fishy!! SO cute!!! I mean the fishes!!!

 HAPPY now ? Mr Lim?

We spent almost 2 hours there... Very tiring but fun!!!
On the way back.

The platform was burning!!!! Freaking Hot Kay!!!

There's a second snorkeling trip in the afternoon.
I was thinking to quit as I was very tired and it's so freaking burning hot in the afternoon.
Plus it's a deep sea snorkeling trip which I couldn't bear with it due to my seasickness.
But my beloved Ky kept begging like "Please,go with me, Please, I really want to go!"
So you know, I love him, yeah, there we go !! HAHAHAHAH

WOW!! The beach looked so pretty in the afternoon! 

Gathering, and ready to go!!!

Here we reached, in the middle of the sea. 
Well, No surprise, I puked like no body business after snorkeling, yeah, my seasickness 
couldn't bear with the wavy floating activities on the sea.
So U know what, the guide knew I wasn't feeling well and he let me sit infront of the BOAT when we were on our way back!
It's just right at the place he stood on the boat! Did u see that!! 
I was like @_@ Was it even safe????

Well, I didn't care about it and I sat on it!!! U know what!! You gotta try this!!!!!
It's so freaking awesome to sit in front of the boat !!! Exciting !!!! WOOhooo!!!!!!
Guess what?! I saw DOLPHINS and SeaTurtle !!!!!!! OH My freaking god!!!!!!
The crew told us, they stayed here for years 
and they never see dolphins for more than 5 times in a year!!

Well, It's a Memorable Trip in Redang!!! 

Will be back soon? NO man! At least not that soon!!! Why?
I got food poisoning on the last day and the transpotation in Redang drove me to Hell!!!
Vomiting for 20-30 times in few hours???You got to be kidding me!!!

~Overall, it's still memorable with Love one!~

 ~Vic Vicky Victoria~

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