Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Karneval in Germany

I was quite lucky by the time I went to germany as it's their Karneval (Carnival) week on march!!!
Well, it's my first time joining their Karneval in the town....
Have you watched RIO?? It's almost like the carnival in the movie.
Everyone will dress up their best to attend the party!!!
There will be street party happening for a weeks... What is it like???
There will be Many Beer stall along the street, Fun Fair, Souvenir booth, and Parades, it's the main program for the Karneval..

Let's see how was it..
The Fun fair.

LOL!! The crazy spinning ride made me freaking dizzy. T_T

Parade started!!

Well, everyone has to scream "Halt polt " when the parade started!!!
And then the crews on the parade will give you all the sweets, chocolates or Speical gifts !
The louder you scream, the more you get!!! XD
They will throw it from the parade so you will need to catch it if you want it!! XD

She was collecting the snacks from the parade.

Everybody dressed up to their best!!!

Free german cucumber ==' 


LOL!!! Sorrry, I have to cover my stupid scared face!!! HAHAH!!

All I got from Karneval, hahahaha!! Except that Kepo Piao Liang(dog)!

Finally, here's all I got from the Karneval!! XD 

~A Memorable Experience ~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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