Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Baby !!!

Was in Miu Miu last month just to check out the Stage Bag, it was in grey and baby blue for the season. I did not like it as I prefer the bag in Pink/Purple, unfortunately MiuMiu in MAS never carry Pink / Purple Stage bag,
Well, it's because the Pink Stage Bag was classified as Limited Edition and only available at certain countries.
I then showed my sad face to the supervisor in Miu Miu.. 
And Guess what??!
He purposely ordered the bag from ITALY me!!!!
Jump* Jump*  Big Smile *

First, It's in Pink/Purple!!!
Second, Exclusive as it's purposely ordered from ITALY!
Third, It's ONLY ONE in MALAYSIA!!!

Credited to the SA in Miu miu!! XD
Bags arrived after 2 weeks!! WOOHOO!! Express!!!!!!

The Bag Strap, Beautiful isn't ?!!

~Time to collect more stage bag!!! XD~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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