Tuesday, February 15, 2011

♥ For Him & For Her ♥

Hello folks, How's your Valentine's Day????
Mine was a sweet one ^^

It was a sweet surprise,  I never thought that he would prepare me such a decent gift!
He knew that! I am a Miu Miu's supporter!

Well, what I got for him??? LOL!!
To be honest, I wanted to prepare his present before the valentine's day comes, but I was busy for sleeping, yeah, over slept all the times, so I got the present on the Valentine's day itself!!!
Rushed to Pavilion before I met him,Wanted to get him the jewelry from Porsche Design, Yeah His favorite! Unfortunately, PD in Malaysia doesn't carry jewelry line, Aw T_T .

Well, No worries, there's another choice, Mont Blanc!!!!!!!!
I like it more than PorscheDesign, haha, it's me, not him though XD
No choice, MB was the only one I thought could replace PD..plus, it's even pricey k..

So yeah!!! Here is it, got him a Necklace from MB, meaning?? I wanna tie him forever!!!! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!! Your are mine!!!!!! XD

 He asked me not to reveal the necklace here as he wanted it to remain secret, so yeah..XD

♥ Happy Valentine's day♥ 
~ Vic Vicky Victoria~


pikakitty said...

Hello BBYIN!! ^^ visiting again :DDDDDD

Victoria Yin Yin said...

^^ long time no see XD