Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yo Yo !! What's Up "Hit Hope Night" !!!!!!!

LOL, I had been adding this "YO!!" into my sentences before I talk since the Hip Hop Night XD
Like " Yo!! What's UP!!!" " Yo!!!! Let's go for dinner " XD

I attended a Hip Hop Camp @ Genting last weekend which organized by a bunch of good friends of mine, my business partners and friends...
All of us were so exciting for the camp so Chai Fong, Shek Yee, Shryne, Me, Jeffrey and Jason had a Hip Hop wear hunting day before the camp...

Well, basically, it was a personal development seminar which was presented in a COOL way. Lotsa games and battle. We had 12 groups and each of the group had to do their best to achieve their goals and win the games.
Yo, Hip Hop was the theme of the seminar ...

Pictures tells thousand words, so enjoy ~~~~~~~~~~~

Yo Yo !! What's Up!!!

Yo!!! HAHA

And my freaking awesome group mates, well, I was in Generous Group (Group L)

Our Flags, from Group A to L

Every groups had a name as their theme, and they had to make an awesome slogan to suit their group style.
Like me, I was in Generous Group, so our slogan must be related to our group name. 
Well, there were 12 groups, and of course there were 12 different names, From Action, Enthusiasm, Hope, Appreciate, Dream, Confident, Persistent, Goal,Excitement to Generous (My awesome group) and I am sorry, I forgot some other group names XD

Here's some other group pictures:
Action Group Members.

Goal Group

Dream Group

Confident Group

Action Group

Excitement Group

Hip Hop yo..

alternative hip hop style ???

opps?? cool huh...

woohoo~~~ Woohoo~~ Ready to go ~~~

woohoo, get our sit and battle !!!! 

The committee members says Yo to us XD

WOohoo!!! which group wants to be the first to present their awesome slogan??
Yeah, my freaking team was at the most left side, the grey flag.
So exciting ....


Here's the guest speaker of the night, YO!!!!

And I beloved cutie mentor, Justin !!!

Games started !!!!!!!

Everyone is so "Kia Shu"... 

Turn for 10 rounds 

then write a proper sentences on a paper.

How to tie ?????

We Got Hip Hop Star contest after the gaming session

My babe shryne was one of the selected top 12.. Yo Yo....

Shek Yi Too XD woo hoo... 

Pose Pose Pose..... Pose harder to get your votes.

 Vote!!!!!!! Vote for your favorite XD 

Hip Hop Break Dance ~~~~~~~~~~ was the next !!


And Party !!!!! Dance!!! Just Dance !!!

Hip Hop Camwhore is a must XD
Victoria (Me) and Shryne ....

Yo... What's Up!!

what was she laughing at??

Victoria, Shryne, Shek Yee

Some Hip Hop Freaks


Day 2

ShaoLin Kung Fu ??

My Team XD Generous Group (Group L)

LOL XD, It was funny that we present our Hip Hop Slogan with Formal wear...

3 of us again, Victoria, Shryne and shek yee

The Mr.Potato

There are more excitements and funny games on day 2...But..
Too bad, I didn't get much pictures of day 2, so .........T_T 

Well, Guess what ?? !!!!! My Group (Group L/ Generous Group) Got
We are the CHAMPION Group !!!!!!

We did this as a friendship souvenir ^^

Of the World ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Of course we got the champion, Victoria = Victory (Perasan) .... XD 

~ Hip Hip Yo ~
I can't wait for the Next DAS Camp!!!! XD
Friends, you shouldn't miss it ....

Vic Vicky Victoria, The Victory !!!!!!